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Our professional, accredited consultants and Data Protection Officers have extensive experienced and have helped numerous organisations prepare for and manage their ongoing GDPR compliance.

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Over 90 percent of malware is delivered via e-mail every day to inboxes worldwide. Eye-catching subject lines are just one of the sophisticated tactics cybercriminals deploy to capture your attention and elicit a specific response or action.

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Cybercriminals have multiple methods to exploit your business’ vulnerabilities. Business email compromise, or BEC, is a common occurrence in which email credentials are compromised and used for impersonation.

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Reducing Digital Risk & Enhancing Cyber Security

We believe in making our customers more secure and lowering their risk of data breach.

We believe in helping our customers be compliant with data protection legislation.

We believe in giving our customers peace of mind that they’re handling their data in the most beneficial way.

What we can offer you at GDS

  • Data Protection as a Service.
  • DarkWeb Monitoring.
  • EU and UK Representation.
  • AI Phishing Defence.
  • Cyber Security Audit.
  • Compliance Analysis.
  • Rights Request Guidance.
  • Subject Access Request Guidance.
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