Reducing Digital Risk & Enhancing Cyber Security

Why GDS Analytics?

We believe in making our customers more secure and lowering their risk of data breach.

We believe in helping our customers be compliant with data protection legislation.

We believe in giving our customers peace of mind that they’re handling their data in the most beneficial way.

How we can support you.

  • Data Protection

    Data Protection as a Service

    Experienced Data Protection Officers and Managers depending upon your needs.

    EU and UK Representation

    Keeping you compliant with Article 27 of the EU & UK GDPR post-Brexit.

    Compliance Analysis

    Ensuring that you meet the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act, UK & EU GDPR and PECR.

  • Cyber Security

    DarkWeb Monitoring

    Proactive, continuous monitoring for your exposed credentials.

    AI Phishing Defence

    Cloud based, simple, powerful, AI driven phishing defence for Office 365 & G-Suite.

    Cyber Security Audit

    Identifying the cyber risks and vulnerabilities that your organisation faces.

  • Training & Support

    Your Learning Platform for Security & More

    Get an engaging training platform that instils a security-focused culture and equips your organization to create its own training courses and upload/deploy them to relevant team members.

    Rights Request Guidance

    How to appropriately respond to rights requests whilst protecting your business.